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8 January 2024

After a blistering December gig at the Thomas Wolsey pub in Ipswich, we start work on 2024 material and some gigs already booked in for the new year. A mix of covers and original material heading out for their first airing!

23 April 2023

A few new covers in the set list and new originals being prepared so it's looking good for the upcoming summer season. 

6 September 2022

Paul Howlings has joined the Silburys as our new drummer and we are busy getting ourselves rehearsed for our first gigs with the new line-up.  Martin is on (and indeed created) many of our videos and of course the live at Springfest CD and am sure will still be great friend to the band having contributed so much over the last few years and hope to see each other soon. 

27 April 2022

Several dates now added for the year and a return to Arras for the music festival in June is great news. New songs are now in the set and yet more in production to keep us all fresh. We are now playing in formation of 2,3 or 4 players so again depending on the date will be playing different instruments - we just need to remember what to bring......! 

4 December 2021

Its been a busy year with lots squeezed into the short performance periods due to restrictions taking place but have played a few new venues and hope we will be back and building on that for next year. In rehearsals we have been working on the flow of songs and of course refining new material. We've dropped a few songs from the set and worked up a plethora of new pieces incuding rearranging some of the duo material for band which has been great fun. We are all looking forward to getting out and about in 2022.


27 August 2021

After a summer of rehearsing some revisited and new material while also playing some outdoor events (avoiding the rain each time too) we have some indoor gigs lined up for the autumn with a new approach to the music and new instruments to share in the set too! Look forward to seeing you.

3 April 2021

Back together at last and able to rehearse again (albeit outside) after such a long time. We've several new pieces underway including 'Dogs of War', a song based on the incredible role undertaken by dogs trained in Shoeburyness in WW1 and 'Natural Days', the melody for which has already been used as part of our musical participation in the podcast series 'Suffen about Suffolk' which the Silburys are delighted to be contributing towards. We are also now starting to add dates to our gigs page and hopefully see you at one soon........   


20 November 2020


Here is the latest sociallly distanced project from The Silburys. On St Edmund's day, a song inspired by the real life story of one of England's martyrs - arguably a more fitting national patron before being replaced by St George. Edmund, who's statue now adorns St Edmunsdbury cathedral gardens in Suffolk. The gift of mobile phone recordings and video mean we can still create new projects during lockdown, but we can't wait to get back playing live again! As featured on BBC radio Suffolk breakfast show today, David highlighted some of the challenges for musicians this year but that production and creativity continues..... 



15 September   -  Someone's a bit animated

Martin Linford, The Silburys' driving force of drums and percussion, has demonstrated more multi-artistic prowess in producing an animated masterpiece of the band's song Thomas Wolsey. This original song is a regular feature of The Silburys set and the video masterfully entwines David's lyrics and the story of one of Ipswich's most famous historic characters. Martin has captured the spirit of the song along with band caricatures, Tudor scenes and a few other surprises. Following on from the film he produced for Dunwich Bells (see audio / video page of this site) earlier in the summer with some fantastic drone shots of the Suffolk coast, he has carved another creative curve out of an otherwise challenging lockdown period. 

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